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By launching OIKOS, we wanted to increase the segment of healthy snacks in Romania, a segment that is evolving rapidly worldwide and for which there is a development trend on the Romanian market.

Under the OIKOS brand, 3 product variants were launched for the beginning, with a bed of fruit at the base: with strawberries, kiwi and peaches. The launch of the OIKOS brand responds to the consumption needs of Romanians:
For Romanians, food is an experience in itself, so it must be primarily tasty and filling, which offers OIKOS, a dense yogurt, full and tasty, but at the same time healthy .
Market studies show that in Romania 1 in 4 fresh fermented dairy products is consumed in the form of snacks.

The new OIKOS yogurts are the perfect choice for snack / snack breaks, at any time of the day:
OIKOS brings a new approach to snack breaks – healthy snacking
Worldwide the snacking segment is growing by 30% (with a value of over 230 billion euros – Euromonitor, 2012)
Healthy snacks are also growing faster (40% of total snack launches in 2011)

Detail the technological process, supply sources, etc.

The product consists of a layer of yogurt rich in protein and without added sugar, on top of a layer of fruit, prepared similar to jam.
The milk used to make yogurt comes from Romanian partner farms. All our products are made using fresh milk, collected daily from partner farms in the country. As mentioned, OIKOS contains, in addition to milk, an addition of milk protein, to obtain high consistency and characteristic creaminess.
The fruits are prepared by specialized suppliers in Austria and Germany, who work to the high quality standards required by Danone. The fruits picked by hand are transformed into jam, ie subjected to a light pasteurization, which ensures their preservation for several weeks.
I feel the need to detail both the qualities of the product and the benefits: once, for the company and then for consumers.
OIKOS is inspired by Greek recipes and is a dense, creamy and filling yogurt, characteristics for which these products are known.

The special consistency of the product, which is part of the specifics of traditional Greek recipes, is achieved by an additional addition of milk protein. As you know, milk proteins have a very good nutritional value, being complete proteins, ie bringing to the body all the essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by our body.
Proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the body can be procured from various foods. OIKOS is thus a very good choice, both as a source of protein, but especially as a consistent snack between main meals. The low fat level of 2.2% is an additional recommendation in this regard.
Proteins are important for the body, being used in several ways, depending on age and activity: for growth, for the restoration of tissues that renew themselves naturally or after they have suffered injuries, for increasing muscle mass, but also in building enzymes, hormones, immune factors, etc. Growing children and people who engage in intense physical activity or exercise need an increased intake of protein. So are the elderly, whose ability to capitalize on protein decreases.

The main consequence of low milk intake is calcium deficiency, and we all know the importance of calcium in maintaining the health of bones, teeth and the proper functioning of the body in general. The recommendation of the specialized forums is that, for a balanced diet, we need 3 servings of dairy products daily.
Recommendations on nutritional balance in the diet and how OIKOS is integrated with fruit: the proportion of various macronutrients in OIKOS with fruit is very close to the recommendation of the Romanian Nutrition Society (source: Guide to Healthy Eating, edited by the Romanian Nutrition Society, coordinator Prof. Dr. Mariana Graur, 2006, also available on the website of the Ministry of Health).
Fruit yogurt has a nutritional profile perfectly harmonized with the structure recommended by nutritionists for the main nutrients. The ratio between protein, carbohydrates and fats is optimal. Fruit yogurt is a very suitable snack, because the very idea of ​​snacking means satisfying an immediate need for energy during daily activity, and for this the carbohydrates brought by fruits are the primary source.

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