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Covalact is not only a brand of tradition in the Romanian Dairy Industry, but also, much more importantly, a brand increasingly loved by consumers. The proof is the constantly growing sales of products with this name, especially if we consider the Covalact Country range, a real delight for each of those who follow the urges of Coana Chiva.

However, behind the success are not only the commercials in which the actress Coana Chiva states with satisfaction: “Too good, too much like in the country!” Behind the increase in turnover is the continuous effort of a management team and employees, regardless of the position and position they hold, a team that gives meaning to the slogan mentioned above, recalling not only the good tradition of dairy products of the highest quality , but also of the times when things were done as in the country, that is, thoroughly and in their purpose. Therefore, we believe that the current success of the Covalact company is a basis that definitely strengthens the company’s business, which is in the Top of growth in the Romanian Milk and Dairy Processors Industry.


But, in order to find out more about the activity at Covalact, as well as about the projects considered for the future, we addressed Mr. Cornel Dănilă, General Manager, the one who gave us the following interview:


“We have a market share of 4.8%”


Cornel DanilaMilk Factory: Mr. General Manager, please briefly present the evolution of Covalact, from the moment you took over the management until now.

Cornel Dănilă: Covalact company has registered a continuous increase in turnover in the last three years, being currently the 5th player in the total dairy market in Romania, currently having a market share of 4.8% (Nielsen report). The highest growth was registered by the Covalact de Tara brand, which doubled its sales, being the market leader or occupying top positions in several segments: Fresh cheeses, Traditional Drinking Dairies and Butter. Becoming an important national player in the category of dairy products, Covalact required the permanent development of the sales and logistics network, implementing ERP and IT systems.


FDL: What is the origin of the milk-raw material from which Covalact products are made?

CD : Covalact uses as raw material only milk from Romania, collected from farms in Brașov, Covasna and Harghita counties.


FDL: What are the programs that Covalact carries out, through partnerships, with farmers supplying milk-raw materials?

CD: The programs developed with the partner farmers Covalact, have been accentuated in the last three years and are reflected by the financial support in order to develop and technologize the farms. The quality of the milk collected by Covalact is according to EU standards, and the quantity has increased by over 50% lately.

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