Romanian Food

Between March 17-20, 2013, Romania will participate with over 50 companies in the food industry, in the international food and beverage fair – IFE (International Food & drink Event), which will take place in London, United Kingdom, in within the ExCel exhibition complex. Romanian companies will share a space of 309 square meters, located in the area of ​​national pavilions, in the immediate vicinity of the meat products sector, which will create a greater attractiveness of the Romanian pavilion.

Romania, comes to this event with products from the dairy, meat, etc. sectors. The Association for the Promotion of Romanian Food – APAR, aims to together with all Romanian companies gathered at this event, to successfully promote Romanian food, Romanian brands and last but not least to establish business relationships that allow them to easily enter the market from England and more.

The local organizers estimate for the IFE 2013 edition a number of about 30,000 visitors, of which almost 4,000 foreigners, during the fair will be launched, for the first time, the program “Meet the Buyer”, which will offer the possibility of meeting between large British companies importers, distributors and wholesalers of food and beverages, with exhibiting companies. Romania thus aims to capitalize on the scale of this fair by undertaking tastings of Romanian dishes, designed to attract customers and offer a new perspective and a positive attitude, essential things in creating the context of promoting Romanian food.

The participation of the Romanian delegation in the event in Great Britain was possible through the financial support of the costs by the Ministry of Economy and will be superior to the one from 2009 in which the Romanian pavilion had only 11 exhibitors.

The Association for the Promotion of Romanian Food – APAR brings together over 50 authentic producers from the Romanian food industry and aims to make the Romanian food not only a reason for national pride but also a vehicle for the development of the Romanian economy.

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