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The almost general increase in feed and feed prices has caused and continues to cause great inconvenience to dairy farmers. One solution, meant not only to reduce production costs, to ensure the correct feeding of animals and also a possibility to become a supplier of inputs is the establishment of a medium capacity unit of compound feed.


Combined feeds are industrial products obtained from ingredients, combined so as to satisfy the nutritional requirements of a certain category of animals at an optimal level. The use of combined feeds in animal feed has several major advantages, including: Well-balanced nutritional content (which leads to optimal performance); preventing the occurrence of diseases (and consequently maintaining a proper health of the animals); the advantage of food mechanization; reduction of feed costs; increasing the economic efficiency of livestock farms.

Types of compound feeds:

Complete compound feeds: Provides all the nutrients needed for the category of animals for which they are intended, being of several types: prestarter, starter, grower and finisher.

Combined filler feeds: They are used to supplement basic rations in ruminants (farm mixtures).

FDL 9 IDEAS 2Protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates: They consist of ingredients that form part of a combined feed, from which cereals are excluded. The filling is made with cereals at farm level.

Special compound feeds: Represented by milk substitutes for calves, piglets, lambs and premixes or supernuclei.

Medicated compound feeds: Represents feed mixtures containing as feed additives one or more known drugs.

Description of the investment

The business idea that we present in this edition implies, of course, some costs that not all farmers can bear, but, once realized, the investment can become as profitable as possible, from all points of view. The general conditions for setting up such a unit are recommended by the specialists of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat-Timișoara and have as a model the pilot station of this prestigious educational institution.

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