Dairy Sector

For the first time for the Romanian dairy industry, the infoALIMENT agency made the “Map of producers and processors in the Romanian dairy industry, the Milk Factory”.

Representing a very large journalistic and documentary approach, HARTA was conceived from the beginning as a working tool that, we are convinced, will be particularly useful to all those who work in the dairy sector in Romania, or in adjacent fields. Made to be posted on the users’ wall, it can be ordered in two sizes: 70 x 100 cm and 95 x 125 cm, with a price of 62 lei, respectively 87 lei.

The map shows all dairy farms, sheep and goats in Romania, which have herds of at least 50 animals, as well as the vast majority of dairy processors. At the same time, the map includes Top 20 of cattle and sheep farms, Top 15 of goat farms, Top 20 of dairy processing companies and Global Dairy Rabobank Top 20.

The map shows in great detail the zonal distribution, as well as essential data, as follows: for farms, the number of heads is noted; for processors, turnover is noted. The identification of each farm or each factory is very easy, according to the “Legend”, with the help of the symbols that accompany each positioning.

We emphasize that the official data contained in the Map were provided by the contracting companies, in order to achieve this, by the Ministry of Public Finance (for turnover), ANSVSA (for livestock), as well as APRIL, all bearing responsibility for the correctness of the information. .

You can order the map of milk and dairy producers and processors HERE

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