Thus, what is written on the label on the product must tell the truth about its contents. EU Member States have taken the necessary measures to ensure that improperly labeled products are placed on the market.

In fact, a plan has been drawn up at European level for the coordination of a product testing program, which will run for one month and which aims to identify the undeclared presence of horsemeat in the composition of products, as well as horsemeat. containing phenylbutazone.

In addition, EU rules will provide for the labeling of proteins added to meat products from the same type of animal.

Sanctions in case of supply chain fraud

Consumer Protection also informs that the harmonization of sanctions in case of fraud in the supply chain will be improved. “EU rules on the origin of food will also be extended to include more product categories (for example, other than eggs, honey and meat from outside the EU) and all types of meat.

“Every consumer must make informed choices about the products they buy and use them safely. At the same time, we want to make consumers aware of the importance of applying for the tax receipt by launching the message – Request the Tax Voucher for a safe product! ”, said Sorin Mierlea, president of ANPCPPS Romania.

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