Born in Sibiu, Carmen Bunaciu would become Romania’s first great swimming champion. A graduate of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the former great glory of Romanian sport has won, in her entire career, over 270 medals, in absolutely all competitions, whether it was the Olympics, world championships, European, national or Universiade. It didn’t stop, though. He continues to represent Romania in competitions for veterans, where he still wins other medals.
The dialogue with Mrs. Bunaciu was cheerful, alert, even if the memories aroused nostalgia. And, the joy was even greater, as, the very next day, the former great sportswoman was going to celebrate her birthday.

The main element in nature is water

FDL: Mrs. Carmen Bunaciu, we are having this dialogue a few days after the beginning of the school year, so I suggest you start school, asking yourself: What is the main element in nature?

Carmen Bunaciu (laughing): For me, obviously, it’s water.

FDL: What about man, water?

CB: Energy, power, joy, life.

FDL: What does water give to a person who knows how to use it?

CB: Thanks.

FDL: Please define satisfaction.

CB: Health, happiness, friendship, competition, energy.

FDL: But all this you listed did not come naturally. You were the first great champion of Romanian swimming. How was the beginning of your career in sports?

CB: Well, not the first one. Before me was the one who would become my coach, Diana ªopterian, who won a bronze medal at the 1967 European Championships, in the 100 meters backstroke.

FDL: Doing the documentation, before this dialogue, I noticed that you always spoke very nicely about the coaches you had, Mrs. teropterian and Mr. Nicolae Dembinschi.

CB: Yes, they were my two teachers. First of all, Mr. Dembinschi. He discovered me and trained me in the first years, in Sibiu, and then the one who was my coach at the Dinamo club, Diana ªopterian.

FDL: You were born in Sibiu. Does Transylvanian rigor give an extra advantage to the child who wants to perform in sports?

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