Smurfit Kappa

A world leader in carton-based packaging technology and with over 35 years of experience, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box operates through its sales offices in 25 countries around the world, with more than 700 employees. Being a manufacturer organized according to the integrated system, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box provides the necessary raw material from its own production units, owning packaging factories in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Russia and Argentina.

In Romania, the French company acts as a division, being represented by SC AZOC-STAR SRL , both locally and in Bulgaria, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova.

From the position of leader in providing packaging technologies for other sectors of the food industry (wine, plain water, natural juice, oil, liquid eggs, etc.), AZOC-STAR SRL proposes to Romanian milk processors the Bag-in-Box system , intended for the packaging of liquid dairy products such as: fresh milk, UHT milk, ice cream mix, milk shake, cream, sour cream, etc.

Bag-in-Box, an innovative concept

smur2 fdlBag-in-Box is an innovative technology for aseptic and hygienic packaging of liquid milk and dairy products. The system consists of vacuum packing the liquid in a flexible bag, created from a food film with a good oxygen barrier and provided with a tap. For safety during transport and for easy use, the bag is inserted in a specially made cardboard box. In this way, liquid milk and dairy products are protected against oxidation and light, keeping intact the nutritional and flavor properties for periods of several months.

Bag-in-Box is ideal for packing large quantities of fresh milk, UHT milk, ice cream mix, milk shake, cream or liquid cheeses, etc., the beneficiaries mainly being all those who consume large quantities of dairy products. , such as bakeries, confectioneries and pastry shops, ho-re-ca etc.

The bag-in-box principle

smur3 fdlThe principle of the Bag-in-Box is based on the protection and maintenance of the properties of the product by packaging in bags made of high oxygen barrier film, the air being removed during vacuum filling. Thanks to the flexibility of the film and the VITOP valve, the product comes out of the bag by gravitational effect, but does not allow air to enter inside, thus avoiding oxidation.

The VITOP valve (the most used bag-in-box valve in the world), is very easy to use, has a very good oxygen barrier and is suitable for chemical sterilization, obviously improving food safety.

The bags are made in standard sizes of 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 220L, 500L and 1000 liters . EVOH high oxygen barrier coextruded film is used in the manufacture of the bags , ensuring resistance to mechanical stress during sterilization, filling and transport; it is flexible and shock resistant; has compatibility with the food product; it has a stable oxygen barrier against mechanical stress.

Cardboard boxes are made in various shapes, being robust and durable. The use of “cardboard” or “corrugated” type cards ensures a very high quality printing.

UHT milk filling equipment is designed to perform operations safely, in a sterile or aseptic environment. Due to the technology used, the food must not be refrigerated for 6 to 12 months after opening the package. The equipment is made in collaboration with ELPO.

The use is friendly, being facilitated by the Bag-in-Box packaging system (2 – 20 L) it is easy to use, being totally hygienic and having a special maneuverability. Bag-in-Box is perfectly compatible with flow devices generally used in foodservice, bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries, ho-re-ca etc.

By using Bag-in-Box, the product can be differentiated from the shelf, compared to other dairy products, by the possibility of printing the advertising message on 100% of the surface of the boxes, perfectly suitable for promotional campaigns or special events.

Bag-in-Box reduces losses to the maximum, the bags can be easily detached from the boxes. Bag-in-Box is 100% recyclable, reducing transport costs and substantially optimizing storage space. For example, the amount of 10-liter bag-in-box packaging that can be palletized is 25% higher than 1.5-liter “brick” packaging!

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