Carry Feed

True feed management experts in free-range stables

The breeder needs assistance in every sector of his farm. Therefore, it is advisable for him to leave the concerns to the experts:

GEA3 FDLMix & Carry is a reliable automatic feeding system, which frees the farmer from all work, starting with weighing the individual portions, continuing with the mixing of the feed, until its distribution to each cow. In other words, this requires immense relief and maximum productivity, which leads to the production of high quality milk!

It’s time to relax and watch your success unfold

Using the individual mixtures, you can give each group of cows the desired menu. The WIC control unit gives you quick access to programs, ingredients and feed quantities. Once started, the Mix & Carry feed robot manages the weighing, mixing in a fixed mixer and distribution processes through a rail-mounted feed installation. Of course, not without you being able to monitor this activity in detail. Mix & Carry reduces herd management time, so all you have to do is follow your goals and optimize your long-term success.

All good things come from above

GEA5 FDLThe battery-powered feed robot operates uninterruptedly, but quietly and always accurately, when distributing the feed portions. The conveyor belt of the Mix & Carry robot allows distribution, either on one or both sides of the feed alley. Its small shape makes the robot extremely flexible. Only 2 m wide is enough to serve the feed. The system saves a lot of space when building a farm and increases productivity by using a smaller area!

Quality milk is the reward for fully automated feeding

Mix & Carry reduces the workload to the occasional supply of tanks, and frequent distribution in a relaxed atmosphere improves food consumption. The continuous mixing ensures the freshness of the feed and prevents fermentation. Healthy fed cows always enjoy the optimal rations and will always reward you for this with the best quality milk!

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