Protection Systems

The walls of the new industrial buildings are mostly made of sandwich panels:
How can we protect them from shocks and damage? Baroncini proposes a definitive solution: a wide range of products, all patented, made of non-shock anti-shock plastic “DPA”, with which, no doubt, can be replaced more advantageously, the old metal protections or others used so far, for example , metal bars: cement protections, ceramic baseboards and steel anti-shock poles inserted in the floor.

The Baroncini range of White Food Polymer profiles – boards available in various thicknesses and sizes, including corners, baseboards, joints – is suitable even for the final restoration of already damaged walls.

Mechanical shock protection systems for walls and doors

DEMO products supplied and assembled by BARONCINI EST are innovative and adapted to solve all problems regarding the protection of walls, doors and any equipment in the food processing and storage sections, including dairy products.
The quality that distinguishes our products is the perfect compatibility with health and safety standards.
We offer a wide range of products, all patented, made of shockproof plastic “DPA”. These products manage to advantageously replace all inefficient applications such as metal or cement protections used so far.
Compared to these inefficient and unreliable solutions, DEMO products eliminate a large part of the costs for maintaining the affected surfaces in case of non-existence of protection systems or in cases where existing protection systems do not protect sufficiently.

BARONCINI and DEMO , with the help of organizing technical and commercial assistance, offer quick answers to your requests, proposing customized solutions and adapted to specific problems, providing assistance in the assembly phases.

In Romania, the following companies already use Baroncini protection systems: Avicarvil SRL, Combis SA, Comsoradi SRL, Diana SRL, Emprod SRL, Gepeto Impex SA, Kubo Ice Cream Company SRL, Magic Tic Tac SRL, Polisano SRL, Tip Top Food Industry SRL, Unicarm SRL, Unic Cremona Serv SRL, Vel Pitar SA, Acknowledgment Prodcom Impex SRL – Cris-Tim group, Avicola Slobozia SA, Calibra M&D Impex SRL, Galli Gallo SRL, Pati-Pan Mariano SRL, Rom Trading Company SRL, Valmar 05 SRL.

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